Draisine Derby 8
9 September 2023

Gleisbogen Dreispitz
Basel, Switzerland

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Participants 2023

Maui feat. von Bartha gallery, Basel-Kannenfeld

Mario Kreuzberg, Manuela Morales Délano /Charles Benjamin, Berlin/Birsfelden

Birtel, brewery, M'stein/Dreispitz

Vito Pizzeria, Basel/Zürich
La Cumbia Mapache, Pilar Quinteros and Patricio Blanche, artist duo, Barcelona
KinderGleisKreis, DIY playground, Basel-Dreispitz
Robi Birsfelden, DIY playground, Kraftwerk
Robi Bachgraben, DIY playground, Basel-Iselin

It is part of an ensemble, art collective, Holland

Rennstaldi, Michael Stalder, Basel-Bachletten

Lokomotive Lauch, Denkstatt Sàrl, Kleinbasel

3flizz feat. HGK Basel FHNW, Basel-Dreispitz

Monoski feat. Kinetisches Chaos, Basel-Gundeli

Rollladen, Marco Alessio, Basel-St. Johann

In the final, the rolling giant pizza from the Basel restaurant "Vito" narrowly edged out Edin (9) from Gundeli, who valiantly fought on a monoski until the end. The Crowd Favorite: The most spectacularly creaking giant hamster wheel snail from Robi Bachgraben won the hearts of most spectators. The Prize for the Most Beautiful Failure went to the transformation designer Jan Nemeth (and team) from the Basel office Denkstatt Sàrl, with an unprecedented, inadequately describable (and ultimately failed) propulsion involving a horizontal partner squat with a push-back lever technique. The coveted Grand Prize of the Jury was awarded by the 4-member panel to the gigantic seat-carousel-coffee cup from the workshop of Draisine Race legend Michael Stalder (engineer, Bachletten), marking his 7th Derby participation. As international artists, we welcomed the duos Mario Kreuzberg from Berlin and La Cumbia Mapache from Barcelona, as well as the collective It is part of an ensemble from The Hague this year.

Partners 2023
Birtel Biermanufaktur
Vito Pizza
Verein Robi-Spiel-Aktionen Basel
Offcut Materialmarkt
Studio Gleisbogen
Bravo Ricky GmbH
Tozzo AG
die Mobiliar
TS Transport-Service AG
Atelier Pionier

Generous supporters 2023
Christoph Merian Stiftung
Kulturförderung Basel-Landschaft
Swisslos-Fonds Basel-Stadt
Ernst und Olga Gubler-Hablützel Stiftung
Wintsch Klimatechnik AG

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